Choosing new countertops for your remodel project can be a real challenge. However, many homeowners tend to lean towards natural stone countertops in the end. Still, once you have chosen the right material you still need to choose a color. Will you choose white countertops or will you choose dark countertops? There are many great reasons to select both colors, but darker countertops can really make your kitchen or bathroom stand out. In today’s post, we’ll quickly review why you should consider installing dark countertops.

Unique Style

One of the more popular choices among homeowners installing natural stone countertops is something lighter in color. However, if you are someone who is unique and wants their home to stand out, dark-colored countertops could be the way to go! Dark countertops offer a more dramatic look, which will make your kitchen more unique and increase its overall value.

Big Kitchen

If you have a home with a large kitchen, darker countertops will add some definition to it. The key to making your countertops look good is to ensure there is enough lighting around. More likely than not, if countertops are a part of your remodeling project, lighting is likely to be a part of it too.

Choose Lighter Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you currently have lighter cabinets or are installing new ones, paired with dark countertops your room will have stunning contrast. Each option helps bring focus to the other and will set your room off with breathtaking drama that will set your home apart from others.

Countertop Material

No matter which countertop material you prefer, there are a variety of available options. There are amazing choices in granite, quartz, and marble that can define a roo. You won’t be limited in the colors you want to use around the counters as well, so you can let your style and taste come out no matter which material you choose.

If you are interested in having dark countertops installed, contact the team at FiberPol. We can help you choose the right countertops for your remodeling project!