1. Signs You Need Air Conditioner Replacement

    In Barbados, there may not be an item that home and business owners rely on more than an air conditioner. With the temperatures remaining in the mid 80’s year-round, many people have their cooling systems continuously running. Just like any investment, you want to get the most out of your AC unit.…Read More

  2. A Guide To Central Air Conditioning

    Barbados is one of the few places in this world that often maintains 80-degree weather year-round. Now that “winter months” are behind us, the temperatures are only going to rise. Barbados can expect to see the temperatures reach near the 90’s this summer, and without air conditioning technolo…Read More

  3. Why You Need Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning In Barbados

    In Barbados, we are lucky to enjoy one of the best tropical climates in the world — warm and sunny just about all year round! With these warm temperatures, finding an effective and affordable air condition system in Barbados is essential. When it comes to air conditioners there are many options to…Read More

  4. 10 Ways To Keep Your Home Cool And Beat The Heat

    There’s nothing quite like the heat in Barbados. Living in the tropical climate that has hot and humid weather all year round can make it a challenge for Barbados homeowners to keep their homes cool while keeping their energy bills from rising. While most people will turn to their standard air con…Read More

  5. A Guide to Inverter Air Conditioners

    Air conditioners have been in use for over a hundred years now, but the innovation of energy efficient units are still fairly new. Recently, air conditioners experienced the latest evolution of technology — the inverter technology. A/C systems have been known to consume both residential and commer…Read More