Mission Statement

To continuously improve the quality of living of our consumers and employees through setting the highest standards in products, service, reliability and value.


To continuously improve the standard of living of  our customers and employees.

Company Overview

In the early and formative years of its existence and development, DECORAN was subjected to the most rigorous testing and certification procedures by Industry Approved Laboratories in the USA. It was in this emerging period of the whole work-top industry, and there was close collaboration with our local Research and Development Team and the overseas chemists to establish and refine, through mutual cooperation and respect, the elegant and extremely reliable product we now enjoy today in thousands of varied applications regionally.

In recent years, Fiberpol has diversified and expanded its solid surface countertop product range to include the prestigious 1st Quality Granite & Marble Surfaces and Quartz Engineered Stone for Commercial and Residential use.

Using the highest quality raw materials available in the International Market, highly trained Fabricators and Industry Specialists utilizing ‘State of the Art’ tooling work painstakingly to create and supply excellent Products and Services to meet demanding Industry deadlines with efficient precision!

For almost 40 years, Fiberpol Inc has been involved in the manufacture of fiberglass products, and we are responsible exclusively in Barbados for the manufacture of fiberglass Water and Septic Tanks to the Commercial, Institutional and Domestic Markets. We also produce Modular Grease Traps and moulds for the Construction Industry.