Kitchen Cabinet FAQs

1. Do you do free kitchen design?
We will do a preliminary design for estimation purposes free of cost, and once a deposit is paid, you will receive a detailed set of drawings.

2. Does your price include installation?
Yes, our price includes frameless cabinet installation.

3. Will I need to have the cabinets painted or stained?
Our modern cabinets are supplied with a smooth melamine finish on the inside, and the doors are finished in either Thermafoil or two-part automotive paint. There is absolutely no finishing to be done by the customer with our melamine cabinets.  This is important to note when comparing prices!

4. What is Thermafoil?
Thermafoil is a durable vinyl coating applied with adhesive, heat and pressure. It makes our Thermafoil cabinets highly resistant to scratching or chipping and very easy to clean.

5. Do you supply the handles and hardware?
Quality Hafele hinges and drawer runners are standard in the quote, and we normally include your choice of handles from the range that we carry.

6. Why use Melamine for cabinet construction?
We recommend thermally fused melamine particle board for kitchen cabinet construction; it gives a very clean, finished look to the kitchen and is dimensionally stable, unlike plywood, which requires additional finishing or painting and sometimes has bumps and cavities in it due to its construction.

7. Are your kitchen cabinets susceptible to pest infestation?
Unless otherwise directed by the customer, the materials we use normally for our kitchen cabinet manufacture are highly insect resistant, including termites, which is very good news for tropical climates.

8. Are your cabinets susceptible to water damage?
While it might be true that particle board is susceptible to water damage when exposed, our methods of construction ensure that the particle board is completely covered and protected, making it water resistant and not susceptible to moisture damage. In our eight years of operation, we have only had one instance of water damage in a kitchen that flooded; and in this case, we only had to replace three of the modular cabinets.

9. Do you offer a warranty?
Absolutely! We stand 100 percent behind our products.  We warranty our melamine cabinets for a period of five years! In addition to this, the modular construction of the kitchen is such that, if there is damage, one cabinet can be replaced without major disruption to the kitchen.

10. How long will it take to have my kitchen completed?
Once you sign our agreement, pay the deposit and specifications are finalized, our production window can be as short as three weeks, once you choose from ‘in-stock’ materials.