Kitchen Remodeling Services in Barbados

Are you tired of the existing layout or finishes of your current kitchen? You don’t have to settle for a space that has become obsolete — new countertops and kitchen cabinets can make all the difference! At Fiberpol Inc, we specialize in designing and remodeling services that will help you create your dream kitchen! We offer a wide range of kitchen remodeling services and materials, and our experts will help you choose the right fit for your home. Whether you are located in Barbados or throughout the region, we have a kitchen solution to suit your needs!

Types of Kitchens by Fiberpol

Kitchen remodeling projects and updating the appearance and layout of cabinets and countertops can be a stressful, overwhelming, and time-consuming process. But at Fiberpol, we want to make your kitchen remodeling project easier by offering four different kitchen design ideas to choose from. Each kitchen plan offers unique conveniences and features, and some may be more well-suited for particular spaces than others. Review the design types below to choose which will be the best for your kitchen.

The Practical Corner

This practical design consists of a “L” shaped orientation of cabinets and counter-tops. The cabinets are finished with Edge banded slab doors with accompanied with three drawer banks. The surface is finished with out Decoran solid Surface material and overhead floating shelves to cap it all off.

  • Cabinetry – $10,000
  • Countertops – $5,500
  • Decoran Countertop with Integral Sink
  • Edgebanded Slab Doors
  • Floating Shelves

The Peninsular

This design features our Shaker style Cabinets with an Integrated Waste Bin. The counter-tops are finished with our Quartz Engineered Stone tops. The highlight of this design is the Quartz Peninsula with the additional overhang to accompany seating. The peninsula serves as a versatile workspace for cooking, serving and socializing.

  • Cabinetry – $25,000
  • Countertops – $11,800
  • Quartz Countertops
  • Shaker style doors
  • Pull-out Waste Bins
  • Peninsula with Overhang for Bar Seating
  • Fridge Box

The Islander

The Islander is a larger more open design when compared two the previous two kitchen designs. It features Shaker style doors, Floating Shelves, Fridge Box, Pull-out Waste Bins, Lemans Corner Pullout and provision for an Integrated Dishwasher. The counter-top finish is quartz engineered stone. This kitchen design features an island as it center piece, inclusive of counter-top over hand for bar seating. The island serves as a multi-functional workspace that can be used for meal prep, cooking, and dining, as well as a gathering place for friends and family.

  • Cabinetry – $40,000
  • Countertops – $14,800
  • Quartz Countertops
  • Shaker style doors
  • Floating Shelves
  • Fridge Box
  • Pull-out Waste Bins
  • LeMans Corner Pull-out
  • Island with Overhang for Bar Seating
  • Provision for Integrated Dishwasher

Lets Entertain

The “Let’s Entertain” can be described as a stylish and inviting space that is perfect for hosting guest and socializing. The design features a Handle-less Gola Profile cabinets with black insert strips and kickers. The surface is finished with our Porcelain Counter-tops with Book-matched Backsplash Panels. It also features an island with Waterfall Edges and seating area, a bar area which has a porcelain counter-top finish accompanied by book-matched backsplash panels and floating shelves. Other highlights include a Pull-out Pantry, Pull-out Spice Rack, Pull-out Waste Bins and provision for integrated Fridge, Freezer, Dishwasher and Wine Coolers. This design epitomizes elegance and sophistication as it relates to kitchen design. Overall, “Let’s Entertain” is a stunning and functional space that is perfect for hosting intimate gatherings or large parties with friends and family.

  • Cabinetry – $55,000
  • Countertops – $40,000
  • Porcelain Countertops with Book-matched Backsplash Panels
  • Handle-less Gola Profile with black inset strips and kickers
  • Island with Waterfall Edges and seating area
  • Bar area with Floating Shelves
  • Pull-out Pantry
  • Pull-out Spice Rack
  • Pull-out Waste Bins
  • Provision for Integrated Fridge, Freezer, Dishwasher and Wine Coolers

When designing your kitchen layout, there are a variety of factors to consider. Before deciding on the design, it is essential to make sure that you are efficiently maximizing your kitchen area by choosing a layout that provides sufficient storage, countertop space, and work areas for your individual needs.

We Are The Barbados Kitchen Solutions Professionals

Kitchen remodeling is more than just adding a fresh coat of paint and new cabinet doors to a space. Great kitchen design requires professional knowledge and the ability to make critical decisions about layout, styles, materials, and architectural modifications, as well as plumbing and electrical configurations. Taking on the remodeling projects and renovations all on your own can be hectic and troublesome. At Fiberpol Inc, our team of professional kitchen designers and contractors have the expertise to coordinate all of the components involved with a kitchen remodeling project. We have installed numerous kitchen outfits in Barbados and the surrounding region, so we can guarantee you a product and service that is beyond reproach! Regardless of the size of your kitchen, working with professionals like Fiberpol Inc. can help you pick out the right products to create a modern, cohesive kitchen design that is unique to your space!

Why Search ‘Kitchens Near Me’ or ‘Kitchens Barbados’, When You Can Rely on The Professional Kitchen Remodeling Team at Fiberpol Inc

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and when it comes to renovating this special place, it’s important to put the time and care into the design to achieve the results you seek. Hiring the experts at Fiberpol Inc will help you accomplish your goals by offering the following benefits:

  • We will save you both time & money
  • We will improve the functionality of your space
  • We will add long-lasting value to your home

  • No added stress or hassle!
  • Access to high-quality material and products that are otherwise unavailable
  • Professional guidance and commitment throughout the entire project

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