The Quartz Countertop Advantage

For many years, granite countertops have been perceived as the “gold standard” of countertop options. Recently, however, homeowners and kitchen designers have begun to realize the advantages that come with quartz countertops. Unlike granite, most quartz countertops are created in a man-made manufacturing process where ground quartz is mixed with different polymers. Because it is a crafted product, it does not need to be cut from a solid hunk of granite, and can be created to suit a variety of taste preferences. Here are some of our favorite reasons that you should consider quartz countertops for your next kitchen project!

Incredible Durability

As we mentioned, most quartz countertops are manufactured through a process of mixing ground quartz with polymer resins. Because of this process, the end result is an extremely hard material that holds its own against granite in regards to hardiness. The composition of manufactured quartz resists corrosion from different chemicals and common stains from household items, so you can rest assured that your quartz countertop will always look amazing.

Extra Smooth & Clean

Most natural stone products are susceptible to absorbing moisture through their porous surface. When stone has a porous surface, bacteria and dirt can find its way into stone, becoming a haven for dirt and germs. Quartz countertops do not have this problem! The manufactured surface is completely smooth and non-porous, and does not absorb liquid. Because of this, quartz countertops are very easy to clean, and are far less likely to harbor any bacteria and other unwanted elements. 

Low Maintenance

Many stone countertops need to be sealed in some fashion before they become safe for everyday use. When these seals get scratched or scuffed, they need to be repaired or replaced. Once again, however, quartz countertops have the advantage thanks to their manufacturing process! Because they are a ground quartz blend with other polymers, they do not need to be sealed — they are naturally sealed! This doesn’t mean that you never need to clean quartz countertops, but it does mean that when you need to clean them, these countertops require minimal fuss to keep in optimal condition. 

Freedom of Color Options & Design Choices

Perhaps the most noticeable design feature for quartz countertops is the freedom of color that you are allowed. Since you are not confined to the natural colors that occur in granite, quartz countertops can be manufactured in just about any color that you can imagine! This brings unprecedented flexibility to your interior design choices and color palette. In addition to color freedom, the manufactured quartz process allows you to be very creative with the application you choose for quartz. For example, quartz can easily be used in showers, as backsplashes to your kitchen areas, and can cover large areas without any visible seams. The application methods are limitless, and it will always look flawless.

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