Fiberpol Inc is located on the island of Barbados in the Caribbean; where, through careful procurement from reputable quarries around the world, we’ve been able to source the most exotic stone for residential and commercial projects. Through these Globally established relationships for stone procurement, we can offer you quality assurance and a seamless process, which gives you, our client, peace of mind. Having been procurers and craftsmen of stone during the last 10 years, we see ourselves qualified and highly competent to deliver locally and to export our expertise and value to projects through-out the region.

We work closely with architects, designers and contractors to bring that dream design project to fruition, delivering quality stone and service as expected by our clients. We take service to the next level, as we utilise state-of-the-art Digital Templating and CNC Machining, allowing for quicker turnaround times in the plant and on-site; among other benefits.


Sourcing Logistics

Here at Fiberpol Inc we source the most exotic stones for our clients, harnessing our globally established relationships with stone quarries all around the world. These global affiliations allow us to meet the needs of clients, whether it be a single exotic stone from Italy for a feature wall, or a large quantity of Turkish travertine for the floors throughout the project. Our tailor-made solutions will, of course, vary based on our client’s needs, implying for example: the potential difference in source, transportation, type and time. Throughout this process, our clients experience peace of mind, knowing that we create a seamless and easy experience from start to finish.

Digital Templating

With the advance in technology, the use of Digital Templating is considered and utilized, when it is deemed more efficient and pertinent to achieving our goals and targets. Digital Templating is one of those technological advancements which we have studied and perfected, to obtain accurate, efficient, reliable and flexible digital templates on select projects. With Digital templating there are many advantages when comparing it to the traditional way of taking measurements. Some of these would include:

  • The elimination of human error,
  • It is a cleaner, faster process.
  • It allows for the alteration of measurements on site.
  • Production files can be exported electronically, ready for use by CNC machining equipment.

CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining, allows us to cut and shape our stone slabs with precision, accommodating all shape and measurement requirements in any project. Many advantages are credited to the utilization of CNC machining. Some of these are:

  • Greater accuracy.
  • Greater efficiency – the reducing of production time.
  • Less chance of breakage – fewer steps in the production process.
  • Jobs can be created/altered in shorter times in comparison to other machining processes.


Our installation teams are carefully selected, competent and professional staff, who are trained and capable of efficiently executing product installation, going above and beyond client expectation. Agreed installation timelines are respected, and clients can be assured that once a deadline is agreed to, our team will fulfill its commitment to have your product installed on-time. Our satisfied clients gladly attest to the professionalism and high efficiency consistently delivered by our team, gaining us an admirable Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 90.