How Kitchen Financing With Fiberpol Works

In terms of functionality and aesthetics, new countertops and cabinets are some of the best upgrades you can make to your home in Barbados. However, kitchen renovation upgrade expenses can quickly add up, and not everyone has the budget to attain the kitchen of their dreams — that’s where our kitchen financing comes in handy.
At Fiberpol, we are proud to offer no-interest, six-month financing options for the installation of new kitchen countertops or cabinets. We cover the remaining interest fee! What’s more, you can pay for your additions six months after the installation has been completed.
Begin by working with our talented kitchen designers to find the best cabinet and countertops options for your Barbados kitchen. Then, we’ll review our financing plan that will cover the cost of the project, only requiring a 50 percent deposit to begin the work. Once the installation is complete, you make monthly payments over time until the project is covered.
Keep in mind, our financing program only applies to countertops and cabinets; it is not applicable to our air conditioners, fiberglass tanks, or any of our other products.

If you don’t want to have to wait to begin renovating your kitchen, our financing choices can save you and your wallet. Reach out to our remodeling professionals today to learn more information about our comprehensive financing assistance. We want to help you attain a beautiful, functional, and desirable kitchen with pure comfort and peace of mind.