Construction Method: Our modern cabinets are ideal for a clean, even surface that creates a visually appealing space in your Barbados kitchen. Frameless cabinets maximize the space available in the kitchen, which makes them a very economical option. Frameless cabinets are also modular, which means that future modifications and upgrades will be easy. This is not the case with traditional face frame cabinets.

Materials: The material of choice for the manufacturing of our custom kitchen cabinets is melamine, which provides an extremely durable, consistent finish on the interior that makes cleaning a breeze. The other benefit of the melamine cabinet boxes is that, unlike plywood, they are not susceptible to termite and powder post beetle infestation, which is an important consideration when purchasing a kitchen for a tropical climate, like Barbados.

Doors: For frameless kitchen cabinets, the doors and side panels are the only exposed parts in the kitchen, and this is where you will make your important design choice and customise the kitchen to suit your individual tastes.

  • Styles of our custom kitchen cabinet doors can vary from the traditional cathedral style to the modern shaker or slab door.
  • Thermafoil provides a very durable finish with a wide range of colour options and textures available.
  • Two-part automotive paint is available in a wide range of colours, and is a great choice for economy and durability when applied to a dimensionally stable substrate, like medium density fibreboard, which does not warp and cause the paint to crack like wood.
  • Other options, such as real wood doors and ultra-high gloss doors, are available.
  • All of the kitchen cabinet doors are manufactured using CAD software coupled with high precision CNC machinery, to provide the closest tolerances and sleek straight lines that make a beautiful Barbados kitchen.

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