So, you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project for the near future, but you want your kitchen design to be something different from the traditional style. Of course, the kitchen is where you spend the most time inside your home, so you want to make it inviting for not just you and your family but for your guests as well. 

Modern kitchens are popular when it comes to kitchen design trends. Modern kitchens focus on clean lines, simple styles, and designs that utilize available space to create a highly-functional, aesthetically pleasing kitchen. If you’re not sure how to design and build a modern kitchen, you’re in luck! Continue reading as we share some design ideas that you may want to consider. 


If you are one who loves cooking yet still wants to be a part of the conversations happening in other parts of the house, you’ll want your new kitchen design to have an open layout concept. Better yet, an open kitchen layout can improve the overall feel of your home and it can also make your kitchen feel more comfortable to work in. With an open concept, there are no doors or walls that divide the kitchen from the rest of your home. Typically, open kitchens and the living room are combined. This layout is great if you enjoy hosting gatherings with friends and family. You can still cook while enjoying conversation with others in the area. 


With a minimalistic design, you can achieve a basic kitchen that still has the aesthetically-pleasing look you have always dreamed of in a kitchen. By following this approach, your kitchen should include the essentials and whatever it is that you really need in your cooking space. Additionally, with this simplistic design, you’ll want to stick to certain color palettes, such as white or grey in order to achieve that look of simplicity. Having too many colors can make your kitchen appear too “busy”. When planning your kitchen remodeling project, consider a clean, white kitchen with accent colors added in here and there. Fixtures should be changed so that they complement the kitchen style that you are looking for.


If you want your kitchen to be different, consider going the industrial route. This can be achieved simply by adding elements of stainless steel, like the kitchen appliances. Brick and reclaimed wood are other materials that can also be used in an industrial setting. Additionally, open shelving fits well with the industrial setting. 


If you really want to have the ultimate modern kitchen, it shouldn’t stop with the design. There are now a variety of smart appliances available that have incredible modern technological innovations. There are even kitchen appliances that can even be controlled using applications on your smartphone. Touch-screen refrigerators, multi-purpose ovens, and app-controlled coffee makers are just a few of the many smart kitchen appliances you can incorporate into your new kitchen. 

Get A More Modern Kitchen With Caribbean Kitchen Remodeling

By incorporating the above ideas into your kitchen redesign project, you can create a more modern kitchen. Don’t take on a kitchen remodeling project alone, though. Let the professional kitchen designers at Fiberpol help you! As one of the leading kitchen remodeling companies in the Caribbean, we can help you design the kitchen of your dreams! From frameless kitchen cabinets to quartz, DECORAN, and granite countertops, we have the essentials you need for a complete kitchen. 

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