In our previous blog, we covered the Benefits of Marble Countertops. Not only are marble countertops durable, they are also relatively affordable. There are many different countertop styles to choose from, like granite and DECORAN. However, today we’re going to cover quartz countertops and how they can be a beneficial addition to your kitchen.

Quartz countertops

Quartz has quickly become one of the most trending styles of countertop surfaces throughout homes. Quartz is a beautiful, man-made stone that is made up of over 90 percent of natural quartz crystals, paired with long-lasting, stain-resistant polymers. In addition to countertops, quartz can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, restaurants, dressers, and much more. Take a look at the benefits having quartz countertops in your home:

#1. Persistent beauty.

Any countertop that includes a natural stone is unique itself. Why? Because no slab of countertop will be the same. However, the natural luster of quartz has a deep, almost three-dimensional appearance, very similar to a natural stone. The quartz crystals in this style of countertops bring harmony in the color and pattern, never fluctuating. This means that what you see in the Fiberpol showroom is what you get. These countertops are reliable and will look great for years!

Incomparable to other natural stones, engineered quartz has a copious range of colors, including bright greens, yellows, and blues. Some quartz can even be custom designed to mimic contemporary countertop designs, like marble, recycled glass patterns, and more!

#2. Very Durable

If your family is busy or messy, quartz countertops may be the right choice for your kitchen. Due to the durable, resilient material, quartz was engineered to last. This style of countertops can resist stains, so whether you spill coffee, food, or even oil on top, you can rest assured that your countertop is unharmed and easy to clean. Quartz is also very solid and makes for a good working surface. Due to the composition of minerals, these countertops are protected against scratches and chips, keeping your quartz looking immaculate for years!

#3. Little Maintenance Required

Perhaps one of the most attractive features about quartz countertops is that it has a non-porous surface. This allows the countertops be almost immune to germs and bacteria. The surface is also what makes the countertop resistant to stains as well. Since quartz doesn’t breed bacteria, you don’t have to worry about ever preparing food on a filthy countertop.The surface also makes for easy cleaning and maintenance, and there is never a need to wax, re-polish, or seal the countertop, unlike other natural styles. Simply using a warm damp cloth and some soap is all you need to wipe down a quartz countertop.

#4. Heat Exposure

Although it’s not completely heat-resistant, unlike marble countertops, quartz engineered stone can tolerate heat better than most countertop surface materials. It is, however, still recommended that hot items are not directly placed on the surface, but instead on a hot pad or trivet.

Are you ready to upgrade your kitchen with quartz?

As discussed, there are many key benefits that come with quartz countertops that make kitchen life a little simpler. With its incontestable resilience, its incredible range of colors, durability, and the properties that make it simple to maintain and clean, you cannot go wrong with engineered quartz countertops! If you’re thinking about adding quartz countertops to your kitchen in Barbados, look no further than Fiberpol. Whether you’re looking for quartz or other styles we offer, our professionals can install high-quality countertops at a competitive price. If you’re trying to decide which countertop is best suited for your Barbados kitchen, let our countertop experts help you. Call us for a free consultation!