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What Is the Average Cost to Remodel/ Build a Kitchen in Barbados?

Completing a Kitchen remodel or a new kitchen project can be one of the most satisfying things you ever do. With the kitchen being the center piece of most homes, whether it is for entertainment purposes or spending time with family and friends; a well-designed kitchen sets the stage for numerous activities & incredible possibilities! A kitchen reno or new kitchen project is a huge investment that should last a lifetime, add appeal, and improve functionality over and above the previous design, while at the same time increasing the value of your home.
Taking the above into consideration, one of the first questions prospective clients usually ask is: “what is the average cost of a kitchen?” or “how much should we expect to pay for a kitchen?” These are indeed valid questions and within this blog we will attempt to address and answer them thoroughly. 

Kitchen Size

Size does matter! One of the obvious contributing factors to the project cost would be the size of the proposed kitchen area. A rule of thumb would be the bigger the space the higher the cost. Smaller spaces therefore would require less resources resulting in a lower cost; however, it is noteworthy, that there are some fixed costs that apply regardless of the size of the kitchen.

Materials & Finishes Chosen

As most kitchen design enthusiasts would know, when it comes to selecting your counter-tops and cabinets they are a wide variety of materials available. When choosing counter-tops, you have materials such as Granite (natural stone), Quartz (engineered stone), Concrete Surface, Solid Surface (acrylic & acrylic modified polyester) and Porcelain, just to name a few. As would be expected, with each selection there is a consequential difference in cost and product characteristics. For example, at Fiberpol Inc we offer three main counter-top materials, DECORAN® - Solid Surface, Granite - Natural Stone, and Quartz - Engineered Stone. Our Decoran Brand is unquestionably our most economical selection with Quartz being the premium and most expensive of the three choices, while the Granite range fits somewhere in the middle. So, if for example you were to choose our very practical and durable DECORAN® Brand instead of the more prestigious and exquisite Quartz option, then, there will be cost savings realised in the overall cost of your kitchen.

With regards to cabinets, there are a few products to choose from, including but not limited to Engineered Wood, Solid Wood, and PVC. Here again, each choice directly influences the price point; but it should be noted, that some choices are necessarily made given the requirements of your project and our trained professional staff will be happy to recommend the best selection for your special application. With our cabinet range we use only top quality, durable hardware in our manufacturing process ensuring ease of use and long product life.


With the rise and advancement in technology, kitchen hardware has crossed the chasm between aesthetics and functionality. Our new and exciting range of hardware include practical choices like, The Lazy Susan, Retractable Pantry, Hidden Corners, Push to Open and Handle-less Cabinetry. There are of course many more innovative, functional gadgets and features that are visually pleasing and geared to cater to your imagination, allowing you to express and indulge your personal, artistic touch as you create your very own custom-made Dream Kitchen! You are truly set free, empowered and at liberty to put your personal signature on your kitchen space. Yes, you are right, there will be an additional cost for these features, but the practicality and sheer luxury is extremely rewarding and well worth the sacrifice! Please make time to discuss ALL your ambitious thoughts and desires for your dream kitchen project with our design personnel, who will be eager and happy to advise you of the benefits and cost required to make it happen.

But How Much ($$$) Would I Have to Pay?!

In Summary, the price of kitchen projects in Barbados can start from as low as BD$10,000 sometimes exceeding BD$100,000, depending on the size of the kitchen and your choice of products as outlined in the above segments.

At Fiberpol Inc we provide free consultations where you, our prospective clients can meet with our knowledgeable, experienced technical staff, who will in turn conduct an assessment, including measuring your kitchen as a FREE part of the process. Once the measurements are taken, your quotation will be quickly, efficiently, and accurately prepared, detailing the cost of all that you requested, enabling you to make an informed decision. With Fiberpol, you will know your cost beforehand, and you certainly know what you will get – Quality! Pure & Simple!

Why wait a moment longer? Call today and start the process to get your FREE new kitchen quotation!

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