Home Storage Water Tanks From Fiberpol

It’s very easy to take advantage of the idea that, as long as you pay your water bill on time, water will come issuing forth on command whenever you turn on the tap or fill the bath. In many parts of the world, water is simply everywhere — grasses are being watered, swimming pools are being filled, and water fountains gurgle away.

This is all well and good, until suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a water shortage or drought. Instead of abundance, water becomes a valuable commodity to be stewarded with great care.

Conversely, you could suddenly find yourself with far more water than you ever cared to have in the aftermath of a flood or hurricane. These severe storms can contaminate the local water supply or cause drainage systems to back up and cause extensive damage, leaving people with a shortage of potable drinking water. 

Life brings its own set of unique challenges to each of us, and it’s not impossible that a water shortage or contamination situation could be one such challenge. This is all the more reason to consider owning a home water storage tank. In addition to being prepared for a catastrophe, there are also several intensely practical reasons to invest in such a storage system. Read along as Fiberpol explores how our fiberglass water storage tanks can benefit your home in Barbados!

Lower Your Water Bill

When you depend solely on public water for your home use, it goes without saying that you’re paying for every single drop. Conservative estimates state that the average person uses at least one gallon of water a day for personal use. Imagine a system where you could start reducing how much public water you’re using, and instead rely partially (or even primarily) on clean, filtered rain water. You could potentially cut your water bill in half! In areas with large amounts of rainfall, this is not a bad money-saving solution.

Choose the Size that’s Right for You

In the days long past, personal water storage was more or less limited to a rain barrel. Using modern manufacturing methods, however, there are now countless possibilities for home water storage tanks! Fiberpol Inc. carries fiberglass water tanks that can either be used for above- or below-ground storage with capacities up to 22,800 litres (6,000 gallons)! If you need an even larger capacity, we’re able to provide those upon request. We’ve come a long way from the days of collecting water in a barrel from your rain gutters!

Manage Your Own Water Usage

In the event of a water shortage or government-imposed restrictions on water usage, you can maintain your hydro-independence by managing  your own water storage system. When you have complete control over your water supply, you can mandate your own terms of usage and maintain your standard of living as it pertains to water. You may even be in a situation where you can assist your neighbors in the event of a shortage!

Lower Your Impact on the Environment

Being more eco-conscious and conservative in your efforts with water supply can only be helpful to our environment. Installing a home water storage tank can dramatically decrease your negative impact on the world’s dwindling clean water supply. The fiberglass tanks from Fiberpol are manufactured to the highest degree of craftsmanship, and the likelihood of developing a leak is incredibly minimal. Managing your own water supply will also help you to be more conscious of the amount of water that you and your family are using on a daily basis, further helping conservation practices. 

Emergency Water Supply

The fiberglass water storage tanks from Fiberpol have been specially treated with a smooth gelcoat interior and are completely safe for storing potable drinking water. It’s not entirely uncommon for people to store drinking water in a collection of plastic containers or bottles — and that solution works just fine in the short-term — but over time, standard plastic containers can begin to release chemicals into the water that you may not want to drink much of, especially if they’ve been exposed to warmer temperatures (like those in Barbados). 

The absolute best solution for storing a large amount of clean drinking water is to use a fiberglass tank water storage system. Our large tanks are designed to be able to contain a large amount of water, and keep that water safe to drink for you and your household. In the event of a localized or even worldwide catastrophe that compromises the public water supply, you’ll be thanking yourself for investing in this type of water storage system.

Supplemental Irrigation Supply

In the event of a lack of public drinking water, there is also the fact that public access to water for irrigation will be likewise affected. Should we ever face a food shortage or a period of time where it’s difficult to acquire water for growing food, you can find an invaluable asset in owning a water tank storage system! You can easily store enough water to maintain a garden that can feed your family, and then some! Your tank can even be connected to a pump and a timer, allowing for automatic watering of your personal garden. This is simply another great precaution that you can take for your home to prepare for all of life’s uncertainties. 

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If you’re interested in having a water tank installed in your home in Barbados, we’d love to invite you to contact or visit Fiberpol, Inc.! We have a premium selection of fiberglass water tanks available, both for above-ground and below-ground storage! Depending on the needs of your household, we have the perfect size for you. Tank capacities range in size from smaller 600-gallon horizontal tanks, all the way up to 6,000-gallon horizontal underground tanks! There’s sure to be a water tank solution for you. All of our tanks are extremely durable, are safe for storing drinking water, can be custom built to any length, and are completely repairable in the event they become damaged. Contact Fiberpol Inc. today to learn more!