A kitchen counter and cabinet renovation will increase your home value by twice the investment!*

*estimate provided by a licensed realtor for a home within a gated community and estimated $500,000 value. The projected cost for an average kitchen remodel is between $15k and $20k, and the estimated value increase would be $30k to $40k.


Kitchens top the list of the most important rooms in a home – people spend a lot of time there, not only preparing food and enjoying their meals, but also entertaining guests, catching up with friends, and bonding with family. Therefore, homeowners want their kitchens to be practical and enjoyable, and potential buyers pay special attention to the room because of its central role in family life and social activities.

So, if you’re considering a home improvement, it will be an intelligent choice to invest in renovating the kitchen. One good way to revamp the room and achieve the high-end look and clean, durable designs that are so desirable in contemporary Barbados kitchens is to install granite countertops. Due to their great functionality and classic beauty, granite counters are among the most sought-after features in a home. They will not only make your everyday life more pleasurable, but will also greatly increase the resale value of your property.