The kitchen is the most used space in your home. From preparing and cooking meals to enjoying a morning cup of coffee and spending time with your family, your kitchen has many uses. Because this is the most used space in your home, it can be easy for it to become cluttered. Your countertops seem to never be clear, finding the spatula or other kitchen tools is seemingly impossible, random items get shoved haphazardly into drawers and cupboards — it truly is a mess. 

However, when you are considering a kitchen remodel, adding the right storage solutions to your redesigned space can transform your kitchen from a chaotic space to a calm and tranquil space. At Fiberpol, we specialize in Caribbean kitchen remodeling services, including kitchen countertops, kitchen cabinets, and complete kitchen solutions. Having sufficient storage in your kitchen is essential if you want to keep your space tidy and clutter-free. In today’s post, we are going to share storage ideas to consider for your new kitchen design. 

Pull-Out Storage Shelves

Often described as a combination of a shelf and a drawer, pull out storage shelves are nothing more than a combination of a shelf and a drawer, however they have an additional sliding mechanism that allows them to be pulled out when necessary/ This makes accessing items stored in the back or the corners easier to access, and therefore offers more functionality than standard flat shelving. These storage options are often used as a place to keep spice containers, bottles, and jars. With these implemented into your kitchen, you won’t have to worry about digging through a mess of small items just to find the salt shaker. Instead, everything is easy to see and access.

Utensil Drawer

This is kind of a given, but it is important to have a drawer that is used to organize your utensils. You’re not saying to toss all of your forks, spoons, knives, and spatulas of various shapes and sizes into your drawer. Instead, you should get kitchen drawers that have built in dividers to separate your various utensils and items. If you don’t have built-in dividers, you can always by drawer inserts that have individual spaces to keep your utensils neat and handy. Your servings spoons, spatulas, measuring spoons, and whisks will no longer be a mess. Instead, everything is in the proper place and close at hand for use. 

Lazy Susan

Perhaps the queen of kitchen storage, the lazy Susan is a timeless classic when it comes to storage solutions. Lazy susan cabinets have two rotating trays that maximize corner spaces in the kitchen that would otherwise be hard to reach! With a simple touch, you can rotate the two trays to display all the contents inside. It’s simple, clean, and makes all the items inside easy to see and access. Furthermore, a lazy susan helps with decluttering corner cabinets.

Tray Dividers

Think about where you currently keep baking pans, cutting boards, and serving trays. How organized is it? You’d be surprised that many homeowners don’t really have a designated spot for these items, and if there is an area, it is more likely than not unorganized. A simple solution to keep all of these items organized is installing tray dividers in your kitchen cabinetry. Vertical tray divider cabinets allow you easily tuck these items away, whether it’s in a base cabinet or oven drawer cabinet.

To wrap things up, all of this talk about decluttering may inspire you to add these storage features to your kitchen during a remodeling or redesign project. The team of kitchen designers at Fiberpol is ready to guide you through the steps of a kitchen remodel.