C250 Heavy Duty Access Covers

Our C250 Heavy Duty Access Covers are durable and made to last.

  • These sewer covers are available with either a single or double seal.
  • Made with ductile iron, these access covers are impressively strong.
  • These heavy duty manhole covers are coated with black bitumen.

When it comes time to replace your sewer covers, it’s essential that you pick heavy duty manhole covers that you can rely on. At Fiberpol, we have the perfect access covers for your needs. These C250 Heavy Duty Access Covers are designed for strength and durability, and they are made with ductile iron, which improves their weight to strength ratio. Shop Fiberpol today to find the best heavy duty manhole covers in Barbados.

  • Manufactured to BS EN124 Class C250
  • Single seal versions give airtight seal when packed with grease
  • Ductile iron for improved weight to strength ratio
  • 25 ton safe test level
  • Black bitumen coated


Product Description

M6060C 600mm x 600mm 760mm x 760mm  75mm  Single Seal
M6060C2 600mm x 600mm 750mm x 750mm  80mm  Double Seal
M7560C 750mm x 600mm 900mm x 750mm  100mm  Single Seal
M7575C 750mm x 750mm 900mm x 900mm  100mm  Single Seal
M9060C 900mm x 600mm 1050mm x 700mm  100mm  Single Seal
M9090C  900mm x 900mm 1050mm x 1050mm  100mm  Single Seal