D400 Heavy Duty Access Covers

The D400 Heavy Duty Access Covers are both silent and strong.

  • Ideal for areas with fast-moving traffic, these manhole covers can withstand 40 tons.
  • These heavy duty manhole covers are made with the ultimate weight to strength ratio.
  • These manhole covers are designed with three-point suspension.

Are you looking for the right heavy duty manhole covers for heavy traffic areas? If so, these manhole covers from Fiberpol are the perfect option for you. Made with a non-rock, three-point suspension, these manhole covers are silent, stable and strong enough to withstand up to 40 tons. These heavy duty manhole covers are black bitumen coated and made to last.

  • Manufactured to BS EN124 Class D400
  • Highways agency, HA104/02 compliant
  • Non rock three point suspension for added stability & silent operation
  • Ductile iron for improved weight to strength ratio
  • 40 ton safe test load
  • Black bitumen coated


Product Description

M6060D 600mm x 600mm 739mm x 739mm  100mm Double Triangular
M7560D 750mm x 600mm 900mm x 750mm  100mm Double Triangular
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M9090D 900mm x 900mm 1050mm x 1050mm  100mm Double Triangular
M12067AD 1200mm x 675mm 1345mm x 820mm  150mm Double Triangular
M18067AD 1800mm x 675mm 1950mm x 825mm  150mm Double Triangular