Recessed Composite Covers

Find the lasting solution you’ve been looking for with the Recessed Composite Covers.

  • These manhole covers are made to last.
  • Made to be lightweight and sturdy, these aren’t your average manhole covers.
  • These recessed manhole covers are designed to perfectly accommodate floor finishes.

Getting the high-quality, reliable manhole covers you need does not mean that you have to settle for manhole covers that are overly heavy or bulky. These recessed manhole covers are unobtrusive and lightweight. Made with a composite cover and a polypropylene frame, these manhole covers are resistant to rust. Order your own Recessed Composite Covers in Barbados with Fiberpol today!

  • Composite Cover & Polypropylene Frame
  • Compliant with BSEN124:1994
  • Lightweight
  • Non-rust
  • Recessed to accommodate surrounding floor finish


Product Description

R3030  300mm x 300mm  86mm 3.5T
R4545   450mm x 450mm  60mm 3.5T
R6045  600mm x 450mm  60mm 3.5T
R6060  600mm x 600mm  60mm 3.5T