Quality outdoor buildings for storage

8 x 5 Outdoor Shed

Protect your tools, gear and equipment in this 8 x 5 Outdoor Shed.

  • Store your belongings in our quality outdoor building.
  • Compact and convenient, this garden shed is the perfect size.
  • This outdoor shed is made with high-quality materials.

Don’t settle for letting your tools, garden equipment and outdoor gear clutter up your garage. Find a better solution by turning to Fiberpol in Barbados for the best outdoor buildings in the market. This 8 x 5 garden shed is the perfect size for securing your gear and keeping it protected from the elements. This is made with durable, quality materials that you’ll be able to rely on for years to come. Order yours with Fiberpol online today!

Price – $5250.00

Product Specifications:
  • Footprint – 94”W x 58”D
  • Exterior Height – 96”
  • Interior Height (Max) – 94”
  • Interior Height (Min) – 70”