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The Cooler Way To Live!

Brief Overview

The Streamline Brand of Air-Conditioning has been part of Fiberpol product line for over 7 years, delivering the highest level of quality in product and service to customers throughout Barbados. With reliability being one of our cornerstones we emphasize prompt inquiry response, prompt site visits and excellent unit installation and services.

Streamline is one of the most prominent, reliable and reputable air-conditioning brands found in Barbados, having outfitted numerous residential and commercial properties throughout the years. Fiberpol and its Streamline brand of air-conditioning products and services, serves as the #1 supplier of complete air-conditioning units, unit parts and air-conditioning related services for technicians and customers alike within Barbados.


our location

Our Streamline Retail Outlet is located at Newton Plantation Yard Christ Church.


Standard Specs
Inverter Specs


Our Streamline air-conditioning units comes in both conventional and inverter types. These High Wall mounted units are ideal for spaces where ceiling mounting isn’t possible as well as small residential/commercial spaces. These economical units feature timer controls, several operation modes including a turbo mode, an “IFEEL” mode which allows the unit to automatically adjust the indoor temperature according to the detected temperature. Our High Wall units will provide your spaces with adequate cooling and you the comfort that you deserve.

Available in:

  • 9000 btu (inverter)
  • 12000 btu (conventional/inverter)
  • 18000 btu (conventional/inverter)
  • 24000 btu (conventional/inverter)
  • 36000 btu (conventional/inverter)


Streamline Cassette inverter air-conditions are split systems units like our Floor/ceiling units and wall mounted units. With Cassette units being mounted in the ceiling, whether floating or false, allows for the seamless integration of the cassette evaporator into the space. It also means that less essential space is consumed leaving the walls and floor uninterrupted unlike other air-condition units. Due to the ease in placement and its 4-way air distribution system, these cassette units ensure that air is distributed effectively and evenly throughout the space.

Available in:

  • 18000 btu (inverter)
  • 24000 btu (inverter)
  • 36000 btu (inverter)
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Streamline Floor/Ceiling split system inverter units offers exceptional installation flexibility as they can be installed either horizontally on the ceiling or vertically on the wall depending on the room arrangement. Similarly, to our wall mount split units the auto horizontal and vertical swing allows for even and effective air distribution. Due to the Floor/Ceiling vertical and horizontal swing, coupled with powerful fans these units provide even distribution and circulation over large spaces.

Available in:

  • 36000 btu (inverter)
  • 48000 btu (inverter)
  • 60000 btu (inverter)


At Fiberpol with our Streamline brand, we don’t only provide you with air-conditioning units. We collaborate with competent technicians who are capable of first assessing the space and consulting with the customer on which unit(s) would be most appropriate and finally, executing the actual installation process. We also supply all the necessary materials needed for the complete installation process.

We focus on supplying annual servicing contracts to commercial entities, providing them with comprehensive unit servicing, guided by stipulations stated in the contract provided. We also can coordinate unit servicing for smaller residential jobs where necessary. For more information on Servicing Contracts, give us a call!

Have you ever purchased an AC unit and had the frustration of not being able to acquire parts locally from the supplier or having to wait 6 months for them to be delivered? At Fiberpol with Streamline, we provide parts for all our units in the unlikely occurrence of your streamline unit needing replacement parts. What this means for you the customer, is that you will experience little downtime in the odd chance that your air-conditioning unit has faulty/damaged parts.

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