1. What Size Mini-Split Air Conditioner Do You Need?

    In Barbados, it seems the temperature is almost always warm, requiring continuous use of your A/C unit. Whether you have rooms or areas in your home that seem a little warmer than the rest of the house or you are simply looking for a more efficient way to increase the cooling comfort of your home, a…Read More

  2. Three Common AC Problems That Will Increase Your Energy Bills

    Air conditioning issues are not always revealed by a noisy AC unit or noticeable changes in the cooling power, in fact, they seem to always sneak up on you at the worst time. Some problems may be signs that you need an air conditioner replacement, while others can be fixed with professional repairs.…Read More

  3. Inverter Technology Air Conditioners vs. Window A/C Units

    When homeowners do not have central air conditioning — or even if they do, but still have a room in their home that’s not quite cool enough — their first thought to surviving a heat wave is to install a window air conditioner. However, that may not be the best available option. Ductless split …Read More

  4. Avoid Overworking Your Ductless Air Conditioner With These Tips!

    With consistent summer-like temperatures all year-round, it is not uncommon for homeowners and business owners are using their air conditioning system just about every day to escape the hot and humid climate. Before kicking the thermostat temperature all the way down and leaving your AC unit on for …Read More

  5. Debunking Common Inverter Air Conditioning Myths

    While ductless and inverter air conditioning systems have become popular over the past few years, there are several myths regarding this air conditioning technology that may keep you from considering this air conditioning alternative. The truth is, there are a handful of benefits of using inverter a…Read More

  6. Where To Place Your Split Air Conditioning System

    For many homes and businesses in Barbados, split air conditioning systems, also known as inverter or ductless air conditioning systems, are becoming one the most efficient and effective solutions to escape the hot weather. They offer the performance of a centralized unit and the flexibility of a win…Read More

  7. Helpful Maintenance Tips For Your Split Air Conditioner System

    Split air conditioner systems are widespread among homes and businesses in Barbados. The simplicity of their use and powerful cooling power makes this air conditioner technology a popular choice. With the mild temperatures year-round, your ductless air conditioner will be working at peak performance…Read More

  8. Signs You Need Air Conditioner Replacement

    In Barbados, there may not be an item that home and business owners rely on more than an air conditioner. With the temperatures remaining in the mid 80’s year-round, many people have their cooling systems continuously running. Just like any investment, you want to get the most out of your AC unit.…Read More

  9. A Guide To Central Air Conditioning

    Barbados is one of the few places in this world that often maintains 80-degree weather year-round. Now that “winter months” are behind us, the temperatures are only going to rise. Barbados can expect to see the temperatures reach near the 90’s this summer, and without air conditioning technolo…Read More