In our last blog, we covered some essential factors to consider when it comes to choosing new kitchen cabinets. Adding new kitchen cabinets to your Caribbean kitchen is a great way to dramatically change both the look and feel of your kitchen space. In fact, kitchen cabinet installation is one of the most popular ways to update your kitchen without doing a complete kitchen remodel. While the size, shape, style, and layout of the kitchen cabinets are all very essential details, it is important to not overlook the hardware with will add some flair to your new kitchen cabinetry. Although a minor addition to the cabinets, hardware has a significant impact on how the space will look and feel.


Kitchen cabinet hardware is everything but the structure of the cabinet itself. The hinges, knobs, pulls, and handles are all categorized as kitchen cabinet hardware. Functionality is not the only purpose, however. Kitchen cabinetry hardware also works to add a great deal of style to your storage solutions. Think of hardware as accessories. As you likely know, accessories like a nice watch, shiny cufflinks, and a pocket square can make vastly change the way a suit looks. Kitchen cabinet hardware does the same for the cabinetry; it can truly make a difference as to how the new kitchen looks and feels.

In today’s post, we’ll share a few things you should keep in mind when you are choosing kitchen cabinetry hardware. 


Cabinet pulls and knobs are perhaps the most common types of hardware. Pulls are larger and are often viewed as more dramatic, while knobs are smaller and have a more circular or square shape. Each of these opening mechanisms are used in traditional- or transitional-style kitchens. If you are trying to decide between doors and knobs, try thinking about which finish you prefer most. What will better complement your cabinets and will bridge the gap between cabinets and the rest of the space the best. 


It is important to have a good understanding of your budget before you choose hardware for kitchen cabinetry. First, think about how many pieces of hardware you are going to need. It is wise to know your budget when considering your options, therefore, you won’t be surprised when the bill comes. To ensure your cabinets function properly, you will also want to consider how many cabinet hinges you will need based on the weight and height of the cabinet doors. Generally, cabinetry doors are under fifty inches in length and only need two hinges. Other doors, though, are larger and will need more hinges in order to support the door’s weight. 


When you are looking at different types of kitchen cabinet hardware, you may be considering one or two pulls or a few hinges at that given moment. However, it is important to remember that once installed on your kitchen cabinets, their appearance will change the look and feel of all the storage solutions they are on. Many pieces in your kitchen rely on the hardware to make them functional. Keep in mind that with the frequency these pieces are going to appear at, their look really will define the look of your kitchen cabinets. 

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