Did you know that modern kitchens are one of the most popular features that homebuyers look for when shopping for a new home? Therefore, if you have noticed the signs you need a kitchen remodel, it may be worthwhile remodeling your kitchen, especially if you plan on selling your home in the next few years. Kitchen remodeling is a big project, though, and it is not an easy endeavor to take on yourself if you do not have the proper knowledge, experience, and tools. Instead, it is worth hiring an experienced company that specializes in professional kitchen design and remodeling. 

At The Kitchen Studio by Fiberpol, our expert kitchen designers make it easier than ever before to get the kitchen you need, when you need it. With our complete kitchen solutions, we can design and build a beautiful, modern kitchen that is tailored to your Caribbean home. Whether you are ready to part ways with your existing kitchen layout or you want to upgrade your countertops, we can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams! To start planning your kitchen remodeling project, schedule a free consultation. Until then, here is what you can expect from our complete kitchen remodeling services! 

Efficient Layout

No matter what size your kitchen, big or small, we have a variety of pre-designed kitchen layouts to choose from! Each of our kitchen plans are designed to offer different conveniences and features, and improve the overall functionality of your space. Whether you want an open floor plan or a kitchen with an island, our design experts will help you choose the right fit for your home as well as your budget! To learn more about our different complete kitchen layouts, click here

Quality Cabinetry

Part of our complete kitchen solutions is kitchen cabinet installation. We use European style frameless cabinets, which add a modern and sleek aesthetic to your kitchen. Many of our kitchen layout plans feature both upper and lower cabinet storage. For example, our Ultimate Kitchen Experience plan includes both upper and lower cabinet storage, including a double pantry, as well as island cabinet storage, resulting in a total of 253 cubic feet (cft) of cabinet space!

Kitchen Countertops

All of our complete kitchen plans feature different countertops! Depending on your preferences and budget, you choose from highly-durable Decoran Solid Surface countertops, beautiful granite countertops, and unique Quartz Engineered Stone countertops. No matter which countertops you go with, rest assured they will make your kitchen look and feel refreshed and modernized! 

Modern Kitchen Appliances

With all the time you are going to be spending in your newly remodeled kitchen, you will want to have the best appliances to work with. From standard stovetop ovens to built-in wall oven cabinets to double-sided refrigerators and dishwashers, we offer a wide range of high-quality Smeg appliances. Each of our kitchen plans includes different appliance packages to fit your unique wants and desires. 

LED Light Installation

Lighting is one of the most important design aspects of your kitchen, as the color and brightness of lights can completely transform the space. Strategically placed lighting will make your kitchen exactly what it needs to be: a space that sets the standard for the rest of your home. Our kitchen designers will handle the installation for both countertops and cabinets to truly enhance your space. 

Other Essential Details

Part of our complete kitchen solution by The Kitchen Studio is the full coordination and execution of a full kitchen project. That means our team will handle everything, from overseeing the manufacturing and installation of cabinets to even the smaller details. To enhance the overall look and feel of your kitchen, our team can install appealing backsplash tiles and cabinetry hardware, handle the coordination of wall plug outlets and ensure that all of your wants and needs in a kitchen are met. 

Ready For A Complete Kitchen Remodel? 

If you are ready to transform your Caribbean kitchen, schedule a consultation today! At Fiberpol’s The Kitchen Studio, we are rated by our customers as one of the best kitchen remodeling companies in the Caribbean. Our kitchen designers will be happy to assist you in designing and building a beautiful kitchen that fits your style and budget!